Data Modeling

The Market Data Mining Solutions offer several services including processed ex-ante times series, intraday data mining and real time data mining. The cost efficient APIs functionalities are deployed using secured central repositories.



  • Neural Networks
  • Genetic
  • Rule-Based Hybrid
  • Probabilistic Based-Rules
  • Inconsistancy Removal

Data Filling

  • Linear Regression
  • Non Linear Regression
  • Attribute Mean by class
  • Most Probable Value to Fill
  • Customized Filling

Data Classification

  • Regression
  • Bayesian
  • Decision Tree
  • k-Nearest Neighbor
  • Genetic

Predictive Analytics

Our Predictive analytics solutions provide sophisticated Machine Learning and proprietary algorithms to predict and forecast future market moves to make intelligible and optimal decision. The solution enables the investor and trader to perform advanced analytics, using accurate, robust and reliable functionalities, improve your business and lead to success