Pricing & Valuation

Using APIs, we provide solutions for all asset classes including stocks bonds, options, futures, fixed income derivatives etc. The solutions features include:

Market Models

Numeraxial’s proprietary models are designed to capture the market structure as a whole, and enable you to gain a deeper understanding of market direction, trends, and magnitude. Our Market Models will help you to achieve:

  • Efficient trade execution
  • Portfolio Management agility
  • Enhanced portfolio return
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Portfolio Optimization

Our portfolio optimization platform allows the investor to enhance the portfolio performance and returns. The investor-friendly optimizer enables you to generate various graphical visualizations which are integrated with high performance computation capabilities. The platform is a modular system that can be built on top of major trading platforms, it can support multiple portfolio operations, and increase the overall business efficiency.

Predictive Analytics

Numeraxial has developed a comprehensive sophisticated predictive analytics platform that combines our proprietary algorithm with state of the art methodologies in econometrics, mathematics, and natural sciences.
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Performance Analysis

Numeraxial Portfolio Analytics provides rich functionalities to help you keep track of your investment goal, and enable you to periodically access your performance against the benchmark.